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A message from Do Right Founder, Paulette Butler

Our Story

Do Right Shannon Markell Butler Foundation, Inc. is a continuance of the passionate vision placed in the heart of my youngest child of three children; Teron, Joye, and Shannon. Shannon’s desire to help others was evident early on. He was a leader, and he often exemplified the compassion he learned from home, from our faith in God, and the motto he was taught over the years as a Camp Dudley attendee, “the other fellow first.”  After the murder of his brother Teron, my oldest, our lives would never be the same.  Before he was killed, we had all seen Teron overcome many of his childhood struggles because of the choices he made.  Out of it, Shannon came to know that doing right was not perfection but a choice, and he and his peers could be successful in choosing to Do Right.

Their story is now my story; it is “Our Story.”  And there’s more.


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